We have broad experience

working with major global brands from a wide variety of industries

Setting new trends in event furnishings

We represent the next generation of design in furniture for exhibits, events and trade shows. Our mission is to provide innovative rental solutions to event professional and create signature environments. The quality of our designs, the flexibility of our items, and the scope of our inventory is unmatched.

Our Inventory

Ambience Offers the largest standing inventory of high-end lounge furnishings in South Florida. Our furniture is guaranteed to arrive in impeccable condition. We design our product to withstand the rigors and demands of the event industry.Since we handcraft the products ourselves in the U.S, they are built to last.


Ambience Rental Furniture

Ambiance’s rental furniture is hand crafted in Miami, Florida.Our products are designed and fabricated with the highest level of standards for events, exhibits, and trade shows. Our High Standard approach to innovative furniture design, sets the standard in the furniture rental industry.


Miami unpredictable rain could ruin your event in matter of seconds, but our furniture is made with water proof fabrics. You will be ready as fast as it goes.


Almost all year around we have the most beautiful sun that sometimes could destroy or fade out any furniture out there, our will always looks like new.


Florida is the paradise for Hurricanes and strong winds. Our furniture will stand strong, no covers that can fly away.